Prologue to‘ welcomes you in a world of literature. It contains a detail description of different authors biography, analysis of their writings. Literary personals like William Shakespeare, Tennyson, William Wordsworth, P. B. Shelley, John Keats, Lord Byron, Robert Frost, George Orwell are given emphasis.  ‘‘ also provides an analysis of the text, glossary and notes as well  as important questions with answers on the text. It is, thus, ideally suited for meeting the requirements of students around world. ‘‘ provides exceptional notes on different topics which is written in a very simple and lucid language. It will help learners especially those who use this language as a second language.

Besides, ‘‘ provides a detail analysis of the literary ages and the important evens that took place in the history of English literary development. The history related to the development of English Literature is very resourceful. It has many important turning points. presents a detail description of the Periods of English Literature.

‘’ has a huge collection of resources like figures of speech i.e. simile, metaphor, allegory, personification, Apostrophe, irony, oxymoron, hyperbole etc. ‘‘ also tries to assist English learners to understand literary terms.

Enlitnotes not only providing notes on literature and on other subjects but also giving you hand to assist you to make yourselves prepare for the job exams. Through the world, getting a good job is quite difficult. So a candidate must prepare himself or herself for a post and start a heavy battle of merit. Here meritorious will always win. For this study is a practical need for the examine. In the top menu you will find a button named BCS. We are trying to include all the important discussion on different topics such English, Mathemetics, General Knowledge, General Science, Computer and ICT etc. This topic will help you greatly.


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